Developers and Software Vendors

Actual Reports enables your users to create and manage different document templates within our easy-to-use browser based document editor. Developers can use simple RESTful API calls to merge the templates with data from their own software to generate PDF and HTML documents. Or just use Actual Reports as an internal tool to manage and generate different outputs needed within your software. All of this with the goal of saving that precious development time.

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Retailers Selling Online

Actual Reports lets you create invoices, packing slips, labels and other printouts with a truly customized look, independent of the e-commerce platform you use. Our simple online editor gives you the tools to make your invoices really stand out and support your visual identity at the same time. Try our document creation platform for Shopify, Tictail, Bigcommerce and other e-commerce platforms here

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Browser Based Document Editor

Actual Reports provides an easy-to-use browser based document editor that allows your users to create their own document templates for quotes, invoices, reports and other outputs that you provide in your application. Now you can create documents from any device with Internet connection. See the editor in action here.

RESTful API for Easy Integrations

Actual Reports supports all programming languages that can make a HTTP request to our API. We have created helper libraries for the most popular languages like PHP, Java and Ruby to make the integration process faster. You can find them from our GitHub repository.

Seamless Integration

Actual Reports editor can be seamlessly integrated with your software, so your users can create their document templates without leaving your application. You can even host entire solution in your own server and style the editor's user interface to visualy match your application.

Wide Range of Components

Actual Reports offers a great number of components to build document templates, like barcodes, QR codes, images, text, industry standard signs and symbols, formatting tools, nested components for complex data, and much more. You can see some of the examples here.

Consistent Design and Layout

The printouts will always have the same design and layout regardless of the platform used. We have also added Layout Logic Algorithm (LLA) to automatically and without user intervention correct any errors that might occur during data formatting.

Template Library

Our template library is constantly expanding and with a varied number of templates you can produce professional looking documents faster than ever before.

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